Southern Dogwood [12" x 13" giclee $36.00]

I painted this wild dogwood from a photo I took at my friend, Sandra's in Alabama on my last trip home. It reminded me a lot of my back deck on my house in Alabaster, Alabama, where I lived for about 20 years. There was just woods in my back yard with lots of pine and hardwood trees and of course wild dogwoods. The blooming of the dogwoods was always the first sign of spring in my backyard and brightened up the very dense woods. I have always loved spring in Alabama, the azaleas and daffodils and redbuds blooming everywhere. It is something to see. There are pink dogwoods, but I always preferred the wild and unruly white ones...and then the legend of the dogwood tugged at my heart. This was painted for my lovely Aunt Betty who lost her son, Michael, in December, 2017. He was just 48 and even though he was younger than me he was someone I leaned on so much. But he was someone many could confide in and did. He touched and changed so many lives. He will never be forgotten. I love you Mike. The original seen here is not available, but prints are. I could do another similar dogwood painting upon request. [12 x13 print is $13 and a giclee is $36.00].