Sycamore [giclee $32]

This is a sycamore I painted from a photo taken in the canyon [by Mr. Hallinan, himself] in Laguna Beach, CA. I painted most of it in Michael Hallinan's art class taught at the Susy Q in Laguna Beach. We started out painting the darkest part of the painting first, the brown in the trees. Once all the brown was in, we painted the lighter shades in the trees, tans, rusts and creams. Then we added grass and sky. Finally, we added leaves. My leaves looked like confetti at first, so I did them over, till they looked more like leaves. This was a really fun painting. On my own, I would have thought the background would be painted first, but no, the focus of the painting should be done first, and done well!!!! [10" x 13" print is $6 and giclee is $32.]